Training the Mental Game


The mental approach to any sport or other competitive activity is crucial. Yogi Berra famously remarked about baseball that it is: “… 90% mental, the other half is physical”! The programme offered here is based on sport psychology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, behavioural economics and Stoicism. It specializes in sport shooting, but the programme is applicable to any sport at any level. Adapted programmes are offered to sport coaches and young athletes, even at primary school level. The programme is typically offered to groups, with individual mentoring where there are specific issues to be addressed.

The core of this mental game training programme (athlete refers to any sportsperson):

Developing a Stoic-growth mindset
Intuitive and rational cognitive systems
Developing expert heuristics
Optimising learning
Mental rehearsal and visualization
Self confidence
Mental toughness
Management of mental arousal
Running mental programmes and routines
Heuristics, bias and mental pitfalls
Dealing with winning and losing
Team dynamics

Psychometric assessment of the athlete’s mental approach and mental toughness (SPQ20) (optional)

The programme is typically run as a one or two day workshop of between five and six hours. The programme is run on Saturdays, Sundays or weekday evenings to assist sportsmen and women to participate and the cost is kept at a reasonable level for the same reasons.

A PDF file with more information can be viewed at the first link below (right click to print). An online form to request more information and to apply can be accessed at the second link. Alternatively, please e-mail for more details to the e-mail address specified under Contacts. The third link has an example of the report generated by the psychometric assessment instrument (SPQ20).

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Sport Personality Questionnaire (SPQ20) Sample Report