Pretoria Stoics: Visit the Sage-on-the-Mountain



Pretoria Stoics’ Monday evening meetings do not suit everyone, so we’re creating another opportunity for prospective Stoics, or anyone just curious about Stoicism, to say hello. Come and chat to the Sage-on-the-Mountain about Stoicism at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens, any time between 15:00 and 17:00 on Sunday afternoon 27 January. The Botanical Gardens are beautiful after the recent rain and worth a visit in any case. Current members of Pretoria Stoics are also invited to drop in. Remember that to live in accordance with nature is a core Stoic principle!

The accompanying Google Earth photo shows roughly where I’ll be – about 80m west of the Milkplum Cafe just after the big cycads – look out for the the signs to the Arboretum and for my red flag.

Entry fee to the Botanical Garden is R35,00 per person. Please RSVP to Provide your cell number so that I can contact you in case of last minute changes to arrangements due to weather.

PS. – No, I absolutely do not regard myself as as Stoic sage, but Sage-on-the-Mountain sounds better than Fool-on-the-Hill!

No photo description available.

About Dr Leon Stander

Dr. Leon Stander is a sport and performance psychology consultant who specialises in psychological skills training (PST) with sportsmen and women, business executives and individuals who wish to benefit by such training. He presents group workshops, as well as individual mentoring and counselling. Current fields of interest and study are behavioural economics, sport psychology and Stoicism. Veteran sportsman, participates mainly in action shooting sports.
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