Mental game training workshop for athletes of all sports, coaches and sport shooters, 3 March 2018


Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished athlete, your mental game contributes significantly to your performance. As a thumb suck, I would estimate 25% in the case of a beginner and up to 90% in the case of a top competitor. That being the case, by how much can you improve your performance by getting expert training in the mental game? And, crucially, implementing what you’ve learned? Even a relatively small improvement in performance and consistency will move you significantly up the ladder of whichever sport you do. So, what are you waiting for?

My next Mental Game training workshop for athletes, coaches and sport shooters will be on Saturday 3 March 2018 at the conference centre of the Willows Country Lodge in Pretoria. While it is specifically aimed at sport shooters, but will be applicable to most sports.  The workshop will cover the “canon” of sport psychology, which is goal setting, stress management, self talk, imagery and focus. In addition to this, I shall be dealing with intuitive vs. rational decision making, developing expert heuristics and habits, developing a Stoic-growth mindset, pre-performance routines and so forth. You can access a PDF with more information on the content of the workshop by following the link below:

2018 Dr LJ Stander Mental Game Workshop_V01

Versions of the workshop have been presented to sport shooters in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Polokwane. The evaluations and feedback of participants were  very positive and the vast majority believed that their performance would benefit by the experience.

The workshop will start at 08:00 and end at around 16:00. Lunch, as well as refreshments on arrival, at tea time and in the afternoon are included. A set of handouts will be provided. The cost will be R950,00 per athlete, payable by EFT or in cash at the venue. Only a limited number of slots will be available. Please complete the Google form below to register for the workshop. Please register by Monday 26 February if possible.

Registration Form


Willows Country Lodge, Pretoria

Click on the picture of the venue for the Google Maps directions

About Dr Leon Stander

Dr. Leon Stander is a sport and performance psychology consultant who specialises in psychological skills training (PST) with sportsmen and women, business executives and individuals who wish to benefit by such training. He presents group workshops, as well as individual mentoring and counselling. Current fields of interest and study are behavioural economics, sport psychology and Stoicism. Veteran sportsman, participates mainly in action shooting sports.
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2 Responses to Mental game training workshop for athletes of all sports, coaches and sport shooters, 3 March 2018

  1. Marinda says:

    Good day, I registered yesterday and want to know if it went through and if I have a spot for sure. Also where do I get bank details for EFT.
    Thank you.


    • Hi Marinda. I’ve sent you an e-mail. Your registration does not show on the database, sorry for that. I tested again and everything seems to work fine. I sent you a link to the form just to be sure. I’ll send more info and the banking details after receiving the registration. Regards, Leon


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